SEO Pros And Cons Of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is often also called SEO.

However you write it out, organic SEO is the process of trying to get your website listed as high as possible in the unpaid search results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Many online users never even look at the second page of search results, and some don’t even look at the bottom half of the first page.

The higher your website’s link is, the more traffic you get. For that matter, it’s targeted traffic interested in your content, products, and services, which should mean easy conversions.

Organic search engine optimization is a combination of building backlinks pointing to your site, creating quality content, and doing various on-page things that help you rank higher.

Keep reading to learn the three primary pros and cons of organic search engine optimization.

Pro: The Results Last

If you’ve used paid advertising in the past, especially PPC or pay-per-click, then you probably loved the immediacy of the results.

However, once you stopped funding your campaign, your traffic likely dried up.

SEO won’t do that.

The efforts you put into organic search engine optimization will pay off dividends for months and even years to come.

Con: Takes Time

On the flip side, those results might take anywhere from six weeks to six months before they start showing up in the metrics that you or your digital marketing team follow as a way of measuring your progress in your SEO campaign.

You’ll have to commit to investing resources into your SEO work consistently with a long game in mind.

Patience will be necessary.

Pro: You Can Dominate A Niche

If you’re able to find a niche that has search volume but not real resources or answers yet, then you can dominate it and beat everyone to the punch.

Netflix saw a niche for streaming content long before anyone else did, and while there are a dozen other services now giving them a fight, Netflix is still around and going strong when Blockbuster isn’t.

The trick is finding those niches. There’s a niche for nearly everything, but not all of them have search traffic.

Con: Your Niche Might Already Be Crowded

For that matter, you might find plenty of niches that have great search volume, but they also already have a lot of players in them.

If there are a dozen other businesses ranked ahead of you and still doing their own SEO all the time, catching up to them is going to be really hard, much less trying to pass any of them.

Keyword creativity and research are always going to be essential because even if you find an empty niche you beat everyone too, you won’t be alone for long.

Constant vision is required.

Remember, Netflix once dominated DVDs by mail, then went streaming, and then swerved again towards exclusive and original content.

The SEO battles never end, especially with search engine algorithm changes happening at any time.

Pro: Cost Efficient

Still, for all the constant need for resources and work being put into organic SEO campaigns, the returns on your investment are undeniable. With perhaps the sole exception of free word-of-mouth advertising, no other marketing medium offers the levels of ROI that organic SEO does.

You spend a bit of money tweaking your website, getting backlinks pointing to your site, putting up social media posts, and updating your site with great content.

In return, you rise up the rankings of Google, and the millions that trust Google will, in turn, trust your site because it’s featured so high in the rankings.

Converting your visitors into business shouldn’t be that hard.

Con: The Need For Specialists

Having said all this, you’ll need specialists who can handle all of this.

That might mean one person doing social media management, another person creating your content, a technical guru tweaking your site, and someone else fishing for backlinks.

If you’re a small business, learning these on your own might eat up your time, and if you don’t have staff you can allocate this to, then you might need to contract the work out to a digital marketing agency like www.DecryptedSeo.Agency. If you choose someone else, make sure you vet them so you don’t get scammed by someone doing black hat SEO.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know the three primary pros and cons of organic search engine optimization.

Weigh all these factors in your analysis and deliberations as you decide whether or not you want to pursue this, or just how much.